Digital Flame Photometer

Digital Flame Photometer

Product Brand: Elico / E.I.

With Na & K filters and compressor – Single Channel

Features and Benefits

  • Single channel.
  • Concentric non-corrosible nebulizer.
  • Mixing chamber designed for stable flame.
  • Flame System: stainless steel round burner with LPG as fuel and air as oxidant.
  • Narrow band interference filters.
  • Small quantity of sample needed.
  • Flame System LPG & Oil-free dry air
  • Detector Photodiode
Sodium (Na) 1-100ppm0-200 mEq
Potassium (K) 1-100ppm0-100 mEq
Lithium (Li) 1-100ppm0-10 mEq
Calcium (Ca) 15-100ppm0-5 mEq