Water Bath

Product Brand: Meta-Lab / Equitron / Pathak

Double walled construction inner made of stainless steel and exterior made of G.I sheets powder coated. The gap between the two walls filled with glasswool insulation. Heating is by immersion type heaters. Temperature controlled by thermostat. Lid made of stainless steel with 12 or 6 holes of 3″ dia.

Temperature Range: -5°C above ambient to max 96°C

Accuracy: ±1°C


  • Fitted with a water level indicating device.
  • Optional constant water level device.
  • A removable flat drop on lid for concentric rings enables the bath to be used for other work also.
  • Concentric rings in steps of 25mm and 50mm ID moulded from industrial grade non-corrosive material.
  • A precise Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller having resolution and control accuracy of ±1°C in digital model.