Vertical Autoclave

The range of optimum quality Vertical Autoclave offered by us is widely used for sterilization procedures and in various laboratory applications. These scientific instruments can also be customized at the manufacturer’s end. Vertical Autoclaves are specifically designed to meet the variegated demands of scientists for individual and specialized research applications.


  • EQUITRON Preset Automatic Digital Autoclaves are ideal for all applications requiring, routine destruction of all living micro-organisms.
  • Ideal for all Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Speciality Doctors, Microbiology Labs, R&D and Industry.


  • Automatic purging for efficient sterilization.
  • Preset (at 121°C) Digital temperature indicator cum Controller linked to a preset (20 min) timer.
  • Low water level cut off.
  • Fitted with a Safely Valve / Fusible Safety Plug for added safety.
  • End of cycle buzzer.
  • Supplied with traceable certificate for Pressure Gauge and temperature Indicator.