Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

For Routine Q.C. Tests & for Institutes. Microprocessor Based unit with large LCD display for temperature and speed indicators. Conventional model AS per USP Standards. Economical version with 6 and 8 tests available for routine analysis.

This cost-effective instrument is specially designed for Quality Control Labs for their routine tests and is also suitable for institutes. This system (apparatus) is having most of the functions of advance version and is suitable to conduct regular routine tests.


  • The 8/6 station microcontroller based instrument is designed to conduct the test simultaneously in all vessels in similar conditions as per IP/BP/USP Standards.
  • Equipped with a large graphic LCD.
  • Incorporated with a reliable maintenance free stepper motor drive for stirrer system.
  • 25 test methods, 20 for controlled drug and 5 test methods to test SUSTAINED RELEASE Tablets with 18 different settable time intervals.
  • Dual channel system ensures accurate and precise control of temperature in dissolution vessels as well as water bath.
  • Water bath with non corrosive tank pate.
  • Feature of protection for over temperature for heater.
  • Individual vessels centring is possible.
  • Power failure indication program is incorporated.
  • Wobble and vibration free instrument.


  • Number of vessels: VDA 6D – 6/VDA 8D – 8.
  • Stirrer RPM: 25 – 200.
  • Speed accuracy: Better than ±1 RPM.
  • Stirrer depth adjustment: 25mm.
  • Test time interval: 1 minute to 23.59 Hours.
  • Temperature range: 3° C above room temperature – upto 40° C.
  • Temperature resolution: ±0.1° C.
  • Tank capacity: 45 Litres (approx).
  • Vessel capacity: 1 Litre.
  • Heating device: Spread-out immersion type.
  • Display: Graphic 128 × 64 LCD Display.
  • Input: 6 × 3 feather touch membrane keyboard.
  • Printer: Parallel Interface for 80 Columns Dot Matrix Printer.
  • Dimension: 625 mm × 540 mm × 640 mm and 850 mm (Total height when platform is positioned at topmost level).
  • Weight: 45 Kg.
  • Power: 230 V, 50 Hz, 2.5 KW (max)
  • Optional accessories: Accessories for apparatus 5, 6 will be supplied at extra cost.