Digital Potentiometric Titration Apparatus

This instrument, Model: VPT-MG is designed for Aqueous / Non-aqueous, Oxidation / Reduction and many other Potentiometric Titrations. A fully Solid State Circuitry is incorporated, ensuring accurate reproducible results. The equipment is compact having a built-in magnetic stirrer with speed control and titration stand. The indicator is a digital display with range – 900 to + 900 millivolts. Since, the millivolts can be read directly on the display, the operation is simple and quick.The standard electrode system supplied with the equipment consists of Platinum, Glass & Calomel Electrodes. It can also be used with other metal electrodes such as Silver, Gold, Nickel, Tungsten etc. The choice of electrode system depends on the nature of titration.The approach of the End-Point of the titration is shown by initial digital readings of increasing magnitude and the End-Point itself is indicated by a sudden large permanent reading. In cases where the changes in millivolts in the reaction are small, the End-Point can be asserted by drawing the graph of meter reading in millivolts vs volume added. The equipment can also be used for Oxidation/Reduction Titrations. A special set pointer control for zero adjustment and to extent the millivolts range is provided in the instrument. The apparatus works on 230 Volts 50 Hz mains supply and is stabilized to overcome voltage fluctuations in the range 220 to 250 volts. The instrument is supplied with manual of operating instructions and set of accessories suitable for Potentiometric and Oxidation/Reduction Titration.